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Prefabricated Walls Offered Anywhere in Québec and the United States of America

Our high-quality prefabricated walls are easy to install and allow our clients to forecast installation time and its related costs. They also help save money on labour costs as they require very little handling on site. La Charpenterie Inc is proud to offer custom-made prefabricated walls in Québec and the United States of America.

Designed using advanced calculation software, our prefabricated walls are built to our customers’ plans and specifications by our team of seasoned technicians. We can also provide the approved plans for each of our products.


Unique Features of Our Prefabricated Walls:

  • They are made of kiln-dried wood studs and top quality materials.

  • They are not exposed to the elements as the whole manufacturing process takes place indoors, with the final step including highly resistant protective heat shrink wrapping.

  • They eliminate issues related to on-site theft as well as on-site waste management.

  • They can go up to 33 feet in length.

  • Once delivered on site, our walls are submitted to a humidity test.

  • All of our prefabricated walls come with a detailed assembly plan.

  • The extra materials (nails, polyurethane foam, etafoam) will be provided on delivery.

Karine Boulianne, Construction Engineer Bachelor at La Charpenterie Inc

Did You Know?

Karine Boulianne, Project manager, technical department manager at La Charpenterie Inc

« In Québec, more than 80% of non-residential construction projects started every year could be designed with a wood structure that meets the National Building Code. »

(Source: Cecobois)


Walls That Go as High as Your Ambitions

« On top of its regular line of products, La Charpenterie Inc has developed expertise in tall walls. That means that we can help you realize even your most ambitious projects, as tall as they may be. Choosing to build your commercial and industrial projects with wood is both cost effective and smart, supporting local economy. »


Reliable and Well-Planned Delivery Service

« Our team of experienced crane operators handles the delivery of your walls with the help of our installation supervisor, who will assist you throughout the entire wall setup process on your site. His presence makes sure no time is wasted, and gives you the opportunity to provide us firsthand with your feedback or ask questions. »


Contact La Charpenterie Inc to learn more about our prefabricated walls.

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