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About Us

About Us


Our history

For over 50 years, La Charpenterie Inc has been a very active player in the wooden structure manufacturing industry. In its early days, the company earned its clients’ trust by providing high-quality, ready-to-assemble, roof trusses. The product range was then broadened to add floor trusses and structural beams.

In 1998, two major additions increased the range of products and services we offer: pre-assembled roof trusses and made-to-measure walls manufactured inside our factory.

Striving to provide optimal service to its Northeastern Quebec clientele, La Charpenterie Inc acquired Menuiserie Côte-Nord Inc. in 2012, a company located in the Baie-Comeau industrial park.


In 2014, the workforce at La Charpenterie Inc grew to over 80 dedicated employees. This team focuses its expertise and energy on ensuring client satisfaction. Reaching these high standards of quality and service involves the use of state-of-the-art equipment as well.


Four decades young and going on stronger than ever, La Charpenterie Inc is without a doubt a key partner in the construction industry!


Our mission

La Charpenterie, your manufacturer for efficient solutions in the structural industry,

Our vision

La Charpenterie, your manufacturer for efficient solutions in the structural industry,

Our values

At La Charpenterie, we place safety at the heart of all our actions in order to protect people, property and the environment.

All members of La Charpenterie share the same energy and enthusiasm to work together to deliver quality products and offer personalized service.

The active, dynamic and determined team of La Charpenterie takes responsibility and anticipates solutions in difficult situations instead of undergoing them. Through her positive attitude and her efficiency, she allows her to meet and even exceed her clients' expectations.

Our Team

the team at La Charpenterie

In order to offer the best quality and service possible, La Charpenterie Inc relies on a workforce of over 80 skilled employees. To maintain and expand their knowledge and skill base, members of the La Charpenterie Inc’s team receive continuous training and have access to state-of-the-art software.

La Charpenterie Inc also relies on the daily work of its Continuing Improvement technician, who holds a permanent position within the company. This specialist looks after the company’s stringent product and service quality control as well as personnel health and safety.

In concrete terms, the team employs 11 technical graduates in architecture or civil engineering with an average of 15 years of experience in the construction field. Like their colleagues, they are recognized for their professionalism but also their ability to overcome the most complex technical challenges.

Furthermore, La Charpenterie Inc has an outside sales representative who completes the team. His mission? To provide unparalleled after-sales service, to be attentive to clients’ needs, and to ensure their complete satisfaction. In that aspect, he mirrors the team’s desire to achieve and maintain the highest quality standards.

Sonia Morneau, Executive Director of La Charpenterie Inc

Customer Support and Customer Experience

Sonia Morneau, Executive Director of La Charpenterie Inc

« The team at La Charpenterie Inc is committed to customer satisfaction. As part of this commitment, we are proud to offer personalized assistance service: our experts provide advice and take your

projects exactly where you want them to go. Our goal is to meet your needs and expectations while making your projects as easy to achieve as possible.

At La Charpenterie Inc, we go beyond simply being a structure supplier. We are our clients’ partner. Your partner. With our tested methods, we will help you save both time and money. »

Are ‘Surprises’ or Changes Complicating Your Project?

« Don’t worry about it. Our team of technicians is always there to help. In fact, they love a good challenge. They respond in an instant, and are great problem solvers! They also are constantly on the lookout for new trends to reflect the latest advancements in each field of expertise. At La Charpenterie Inc, our dedication to customer service is obvious. No one even comes close !»

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