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Contact La Charpenterie Inc in Saguenay

Reach Us

La Charpenterie Inc

1651, boulevard du Royaume Ouest

Saguenay (arrondissement Chicoutimi)

Québec G7H 5B1


Monday to Friday, from 8AM to 5PM

F. 418-543-8754

Patrick Lapointe (sales representative)



Sonia Morneau (responsable des renseignements personnels)

Certified cheque
Money order

Languages : French - English

A new procedure to follow for all requests for quotes or information has been put in place to facilitate our work. Due to the scarcity of materials which is beyond our control, we owe it to ourselves to select our projects.


You must make a request using one of the following two methods:


Via our website under the Submission tab
By sending us a detailed request by email to the following address:


Please note that no telephone request will be processed and no return call will be made. Also, you must not come in person without having previously received an appointment by email. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you, it is unfortunately our reality for the year 2021.

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