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Openwork Floor Trusses / Laminated Beams

Quality Openwork Floor Trusses and Laminated Beams in Québec

With over 50 years of experience in the field, La Charpenterie Inc can help you with any residential and commercial construction project. Our specialists can provide openwork floor trusses and laminated beams of superior quality throughout Québec.

Our floor trusses and laminated beams are ready-to-use and available in a wide range of heights and lengths. Our handy openwork structure simplifies the installation of electricity, plumbing, and ventilation conduits.

As for our laminated beams, they allow for a longer span between posts, which in turn makes interior planning and designing that much easier. And since each beam is delivered as a single piece, the need to glue or nail several beams together is eliminated. This translates into considerable time savings on our clients’ job site.


Other Advantages of Our Beams:

  • Made of kiln-dried lumber.

  • Custom-designed for quick installation.

  • No more waste from on-site cutting.

  • Eliminate the need for hangers in most cases.

  • Faster construction and fastening time.

Patrick Lapointe, Sales Representative at La Charpenterie Inc

Turnkey Service

Patrick Lapointe, Sales Representative at La Charpenterie Inc

« All of our floor structures are designed by our technicians and come complete with a detailed assembly plan. The assembly plan indicates the proper fastening and bracing methods to avoid vibration. »

Benefit from custom-made openwork floor trusses and laminated beams by contacting La Charpenterie Inc today.

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